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The Works

With Cart Blanche access to the lounge, all Golf Simulators / Retro Gaming Stations, Large Screen Presentation Projectors, Virtual Reality, Karaoke, Pool, Board Games and Table Tennis, there is something awesome for everyone.

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The Sounds

With Cart Blanche access to the Main Space including Large Screen Presentation Projectors, Karaoke, Pool, Board Games, Table Tennis and DJ options, it’s the perfect opportunity to turn up the volume and sing & dance the night away!

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The Lounge

With a HUGE screen projector and TV, state of the art karaoke & DJ equipment and comfy sofas, this is the perfect party room.

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The Teens

With so many awesome activities to choice from, as well as no work, no mess & no stress, this is the perfect Teen Party Place.  HUGE screen projectors and TVs, Golf, Virtual Reality, Retro Gaming, Fifa, Fortnite and Table Tennis will keep everyone engaged and entertained.

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Hop on one of the golf simulators, get your swing analyzed while practicing on the driving range, target practice or putting green, then play up to 18 holes on any of over 50 famous championship courses with up to 8 players. Use our balls and clubs or bring  your own clubs.

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Head Banger

Put on these headsets and get transported into a whole new immersive universe.  Recommended for folks who really want their minds blown while saving yourself from invading aliens, robots or zombies.  Maybe instead you want to be a gladiator, experience skiing, sailing or roller coaster rides.  Perhaps you just want to plan your next trip and experience the world.  Many experiences are available.

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With the island’s only championship pool table.  Hone your skills, then bring your teams and have league nights.

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Retro Stiletto

Nostalgia at it’s best. Relive your youth with our growing collection of classic arcade games, Nintendo, 64, Sega Genesis, Neo Geo, Dreamcast , classic Play Station and more. If Retro is not your generation,  modern games like Fort Nite, Rocket League and more are available.

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About Us

ISLANDKADDY is Bermuda’s premier full featured indoor entertainment facility featuring indoor golf, video games, board games, karaoke and pool table activities.

Let the cafe satisfy your hunger and taste buds with local and fresh ingredients while the bar cures your thirst with locally and the finest intentionally brewed beverages for your corporate events, team building, birthday parties and private events. 

Operating Hours 
5 PM to 10 PM Tuesdays to Fridays
12 PM to 10 PM Saturdays
Closed Sundays

94 Reid Street, Hamilton, Bermuda.